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phataphat subscription

we realise that our customers often cannot wait from wednesday until the weekend for their jaggery treats. they want their desserts asap-phataphat.

so we have devised some new special ordering opportunities for you.


for every order you make, you will earn points worth a tenth of what you have paid: a ₹ 3000 bill will get you 300 points. order now to earn these privileges: 


  1. level 1 (1000 points): prioritised orders: due to a heavy volume of orders, we may not be able to accept all orders in any given week. if you have reached level 1, your order will be given first consideration.

  2. level 2 (3000 points): discount entitlements: if you reach this level and you buy from jaggery once a month, then you will be entitled to a special discount of 20% on one order per month

  3. level 3 (5000 points): instant orders: you will have the right to order by 10 am and receive your order that evening/ next morning- phataphat. (*you can also buy a one-year level 3 subscription for ₹ 3000 )

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