• Ketan Jain

Gifting Jaggery: Love In A Box!

The pandemic has made it difficult for many of us to travel and meet our loved ones. However, we can help you send your regards to those you care about in a sweet way. Share your love by gifting a Jaggery Desserts box to a dear friend, relative, or partner who lives in Delhi!

Desserts are ideal gifts in most scenarios. On top of being sweet and scrumptious, Jaggery’s desserts are also healthy because they are free of gluten and refined sugar. Fitness-conscious people or those with dietary restrictions would particularly like our menu. They can take delight in the deliciousness of the desserts without worrying about any health-based limitations. Equally, our desserts can indulge people with multiple food preferences. We have a plethora of options to choose from — bars, cakes, cookies, tarts, among others — such that we can satisfy different taste buds (and by gifting your favourite items to your friends, you can become better taste-buds!)

Gifting desserts is also a thoughtful way to express your fondness for someone, especially a romantic interest. Trust our advice: a box of sweets is much more touching than any other gift. (And if you already refer to your lover as a muffin or a pie, you may as well send them actual desserts!)

Alternatively, if you live in Delhi and are out of money, you could also share our menu with your dear ones and pester them to send you a box!

We have three collections of desserts that can make good gifts: the sampler box, the vegan box, and the chocolate and lemon box. These collections put together a variety of items from our menu. Our classic sampler box includes tahini chocolate chip cookies, pecan fudge brownies, lemon cake cookies, carrot cupcakes, citrus cupcakes, and coffee cake slices. This box is a curation of our bestsellers and gives a good introduction to Jaggery’s menu. You can also opt for our vegan box which has pecan brownies, wicked bars, lemon cake cookies, carrot cupcakes, and coconut bars. The vegan box provides an interesting range of desserts that anyone with a lactose-free diet would appreciate. Finally, for the khata-meetha eaters, we have a chocolate and lemon box that combines tart and sweet desserts. In this box, you can find lemon squares, wicked bars, pecan fudge brownies, lemon cake cookies, and tahini chocolate chip cookies.

Even if it cannot physically unite people, the Jaggery gift boxes ignite conversation, forge connections, and express intimacy. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to send some of your love with this box!

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