• Ketan Jain

(Non) Humans of Jaggery - Medjoul Date

Medjoul is a young and passionate date. He grew up on an outlying farm in Jordan. From an early age, however, Medjoul dreamt of moving out of his provincial farm and exploring the more modernized, urban parts of the world. He hoped he could dedicate his life to more fulfilling work that wasn’t available in his immediate reality. Motivated and excited to materialise his dreams, he packed his bags, combed his hair, wore his favorite velvet, red coat and packaged himself to India. He met with other dates in Telangana, and eventually came to the city of his aspirations - New Delhi.

Initially this date felt inundated by the scary, bustling, and competitive metropolis. Especially as an unemployed, young date in a new town, he would often be overcome with anxiety and wonder: Will employers choose the light-skinned Deglet Noor dates over me? Or, will people not pick us dates at all, and go for the fancier dried apricots and raisins? Where will fate take this date?

Indeed, finding a job in a big city was difficult and it did a number on him. He built a hard shell to protect his heart, and those tough times have left him wrinkled. However, it is this motivation, coupled with the iron, anti-oxidants, and fibre in him, that made him an attractive candidate for work. Notably, his CV was quite impressive; his work against anemia and his anti-inflammatory qualities had earned him some commendable accolades.

Most of all, however, it was Medjoul’s sweetness that made him a charming worker. No wonder that Jaggery Desserts took him under their wing, and he eventually started walking full-time with them. His soft and flexible temperament allowed him to work on different products. You will find Medjoul in multiple offerings at Jaggery — from the Date & Walnut Cake, the Pecan Fudge Brownies, the Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake, and the Salted Caramel Cheesecake. He’s also a hit in the office and with the customers. Many have noted that he has helped them digest some tough stuff and made space for them to breathe.

Now that Medjoul has found a job and is somewhat settled, he desires to find someone special to spend his time with. He’s smart and handsome, and would like to go out with a person who he can share his stories and dreams with. If you think you’d like to go on a date with this date, reach out to us at +91 8826769581 and we’ll connect him to you!

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