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The Jaggery Recipe


  • 3 enforced dietary restrictions

  • 1 dessert addict

  • 1 supremely talented cook

  • 1 professor channeling the trader instincts of his silk route merchant ancestors

​Mix all the above in one house. Stew in lockdown for a year. Release plenty of steam.

Panic. Cry.​





Our Story

Jaggery is a Delhi-based home kitchen that specializes in delicious gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and refined oil-free desserts. Using gur, maple syrup, and other natural, unrefined sweetening agents such as medjool dates and coconut, Jaggery’s offerings prove that 'healthy' and 'delicious' aren’t opposites!

All Jaggery profits go to our staff -- our wonderful cook, Bishu; his sous-chef, Chumki; and our driver, Pradeep.  Since the time of pandemic and economic contraction, it’s more important than ever to support talented artisans and workers.

Please remember that we are a home bakery with limited resources. Our emphasis is on the taste and quality of ingredients rather than on fancy appearances or quantity.

Meet the Founders

Madhavi Menon & Jonathan Gil Harris

English professors at Ashoka University, Madhavi and Gil have now added desserts to their library of delights. Even though doctor's orders cut out gluten and refined sugar from Madhavi's diet, nothing could restrain her sweet tooth. What started as an experiment in how to continue eating delicious desserts quickly became a wondrous menu of treats!

“The idea was to find different ways of creating pleasure in a world marked by constraints,” Gil says, describing the thought behind their desserts. "To make desserts that are decadent in terms of taste, decent in terms of health, and delightful in terms of ingredients -- that was the challenge we set for ourselves," adds Madhavi. 


Meet the Chef

Jaggery could not have come into being without the genius of Chef Bishu. Possessing an uncanny ability to grasp new tastes and flavours, Bishu has a rare talent for making desserts that are as tasty as they are healthy. Born in Bengal, Bishu has lived in Delhi for the last 20 years, and is now happily ensconced at the helm of Jaggery desserts.

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